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Introducing the South East Topper Committee

As you can image keeping the South East Area going an dorganising all of the events we have here in the South East, the Traveller series, selection events and the coachign days take a lot of work and effort and all of this undertaken by a band of happy volunteers.  In the South East we are very fortunate to have organised ourselves into a volunteer committee to help share the workload and continue to bring you the variety of events that we can.

ITCA South East Rep - Charlotte Sword

Charlotte is the main link between ITCA and the South East Area.  She also coordinates the work of all our great committtee volunteers. Please do let us have your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve.  As you know many hands make light work - let us know how you can help even if its is just a small role at one of the events.... every little helps!

Coaching Programme Lead - James Williamson

James takes the lead in organising our Coaching programme. He liaises with the Coaches and the local clubes to hold and host these fantastic coachings days.  if your club woudl like to host a coaching day, please do contact James directly.



Traveller Series Programme Lead - Jo Lester

Jo take the lead on organising our Traveller Series (aka Topper Open Meetings) and develop these great events with the local club Topper Leads.  If you have any questions about these events or you would like to offer your club to host a future event please do contact Jo.  


Traveller Series Results - Mark Handley

The Traveller Results, both the individual events and the overall Traveller Series are coordinated by Mark who posts the results as soon as they are available.

Communications & Social Media - Katie Wilkinson supported by Mark Handley

Katies lead on our social media presence.  She coordinates oru Facebook page and we are very active on WhatsApp to communicate and share important information at events.  Contact Katie for any questions about joining our pages.  Mark runs the SouthEastToppers website.


Treasurer - Graham Evans

Graham looks after all the money and prepares the accounts.


Secretary - Position Vacant

Please email the SE Rep ifyou would like to help.

Charlotte Sword Area Rep Contact me
James Williamson Training Coordinator Contact me
Rachel Swanton Racing Coordinator Contact me

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