South East Area Racing

For many years the London & South East ITCA Region has hosted the "Traveller Series" to encourage regional sailors to enjoy the experience of sailing at other clubs.  This is a series of regattas which are run with the tremendous support of local clubs right across the region.  We are always grateful to all our clubs for hosting these events and helping us to encourage Topper sailing.  Every year we ask all of our clubs in the region whether they wish to host an event - sometimes they say yes because they have a strong Topper fleet that the club woudl like to become more active and at other times an event might already be a regular feature on their calendar.  Please do let us know if your club would like to be considered to host one of these events in the future.

For some sailors this series can be very competitive for the awards, but it also gives our younger sailors a real chance to compete in single class fleet racing and, most importantly, it can begin to prepare you for the big fleet racing at events such as the National Series later in their career.  We welcome both 5.3 and 4.2 sailors and hope to see you at as many of the event as you can make.  One thing is certain is that everyone enjoys meeting up, trying out their new racing skills and measuring their progress.

We have thirteen events arranged for 2020  A brief outline of what to expect at the various venues and sailing opportunities.

Docklands & Papercourt are both inland sites, so suitable for novice racers.

Newhaven & Seaford, is the first coastal event of the season, this is where you get to grips with waves, chop and tides.

Crawley Mariners, great place to start sailing and understand the effects of wind shifts due to its sheltered nature.

Queen Mary, large reservoir (700 acres) will be a joint event, so expect a large number of entries, great experience for starts.

Shoreham, another coastal venue, so more practice of waves, chop and tides.

Medway, sailing on the River Medway, lots of challanges including tides and river traffic.

Hastings & Felpham, both costal events, so more practice with waves and chop.

Island Barn & Bough Beech  back to inland sailing and perfecting wind shift skills.

Tamesis, on the River Thames on a non-tidal section at Teddington.

Weir Wood is the final event of the season.  1.5 miles long and 280 acre reservoir, watch those wind shifts .


 Click here for the Notice of Series.

The Traveller dates for 2020 have been booked.  Please check the website nearer the time for further information.

Since Covid-19, the racing schedule has been amened, whilst we are attempting to re-book venues to extend the racing opportunities into late 2020.

The Current schedule of Travellers for the series:

Docklands         March 2020              Completed

Datchet Water  12 September 2020   Selector event for RYA Regional Training Squads

Island Barn       19 September   Joint event with Southern Region

Queen Mary      26 September    RYA Regional Junior Champs.  This is an RYA selector event for Training Squads

Shoreham SC  17 October

Tamesis Club    24 October 

Weir Wood        1 November

All of the above events are subject to government restrictions and the host clubs risk assesments.






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