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When: April 8th at 7.00pm
What: Virtual Classroom 5
Cost: Free!! - open to all current ITCA members
For our final online coaching session, ex-GBR National Topper Coach Natalie Lloyd will look at the optimal Nutrition and Hydration for young athletes during both training and competition. Your body is a key part of your engine in the boat, so make sure you're putting in the best kind of fuel! Join our session to find out what you should be eating and when, plus the low down on fluids and energy drinks! This session has been kindly sponsored by SailingFast, an amazing source for all your Topper chandlery needs. SailingFast has kindly provided several prizes, so this session will finish with a prize draw for all attendees.
If you would like to renew or take out a new ITCA membership please follow the link https://www.itca-gbr.co.uk/membership/
Start Date Event Venue Entry
2021-08-21 09:00:00 21/08/2021 SW Toppers Open Coaching OC21-05 ...more info TBC Area Training South West  
2021-08-22 09:00:00 22/08/2021 SW Toppers Traveller T21-04 ...more info TBC Area Racing South West  
2021-09-04 09:00:00 04/09/2021 SW Toppers Open Coaching OC21-06 ...more info TBC Area Training South West  
2021-09-05 09:00:00 05/09/2021 SW Toppers Traveller T21-05 ...more info TBC Area Racing South West  
2021-09-18 09:00:00 18/09/2021 SW Toppers Open Coaching OC21-07 ...more info TBC Area Training South West  
2021-09-19 09:00:00 19/09/2021 SW Toppers Traveller T21-06 ...more info TBC Area Racing South West  

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