Fowey T1 2018


We have fewer sailors pre-signed up for Training this weekend coming in Fowey and for the Sunday Traveller. Fowey Gallants are - and have been for many years- extremely generous hosts, waiving many of their normal charges to support our region's Topper youth sailing. I have just spoken with the club representative and there is a degree of reluctance to run the weekend without more participants. This is our first Training and Traveller weekend of the 2018 season, and it would be great to start with a good show of support. The club and I will have to make an urgent decision as to whether to run the weekend on current numbers. So I need to get a feel for what our true numbers are going to be so please may I ask you:

Open training - if you have not already signed up, but would like to do so, please comment on our Facebook page or  email me  - I will reopen the booking for new entries.

Traveller - please would you comment on our FB page or enter the traveller on line here (as you all know it is just an indication of entry, actual entry and payment being made on the day at the club) so that I have best indication of how many are going to show on Sunday. Conversely, if you have already 'entered' this online but have changed your plans and will now not be coming, please let me know.

If you have not joined our Facebook group or if you know of any of our number who do not use FB, please could you flag/pass this message to them somehow and, ideally, ask them to join the FB group as communcations are updated more frequently and instantly there.

Thanks all - let's hope we can make it happen.




2017 Traveller Series Overall

What a fantastic series we have had for 2017, starting in Fowey and followed by Castle Cove, Saltash and the Area Championships in Plymouth followed by Cotswold SC, Parkstone, Paignton, Chew Valley and finally Starcross. It's been lovely to see our sailors develop and the next big news update will be our South West Squad successes.  In the meantime, our 2017 Traveller leaderboard is as follows..... many many congratulations to our overall winner Milly Jinks.

Full overall results can be found here

5:3 Top 10 Overall Series Winners
1st overall  Milly Jinks
2nd overall Tamsyn Hills
3rd overall Oliver Fellows
4th overall Louis Siveyer
5th overall Tilly Gregson
6th overall Tom Cochrane
7th overall Toby Bloomfield
8th overall Ed Baker
9th overall Tristan Hills
10th overall Jamie Deverell

4:2 Top 3 Overall Series Winners:
1st overall 4:2  Miles Deverell
2nd overall 4:2 Miles Ripley
3rd overall 4:2 Mark Ripley


Starcross Traveller

Thank you to Starcross for our final traveller of the season the ‘Grand Finale’ of the traveller series. 4 races were successfully squeezed in when the tidal and wind conditions were perfect.

Our top girls Milly Jinks and Tamsyn Hills and top boy Ollie Fellows had us all on the edges of our seats as the leaderboard dramatically changed and twisted and turned closely followed by Louis Siveyer and Tilly Gregson for the top 5 slots in the traveller series overall results.

Many congratulations go to our overall winner Milly Jinks                

Top 10 Results for the Starcross Open event as follows and link to the full results can be found here

1st     Milly Jinks
2nd    Oliver Fellows
3rd     Toby Bloomfield
4th     Ed Baker
5th     Louis Siveyer
6th     Tamsyn Hills
7th     Oliver Wilcox
8th     Tilly Gregson
9th     Ben Richardson
10th   Miles Ripley


Parkstone Traveller

Thank you to Parkstone for hosting a very successful traveller and to James Ripley RO for managing to squeeze 4 races in on Sunday despite what can only be described as filthy conditions! It was bad enough for the Parents and bystanders on the shore so we really congratulate our intrepid Topper sailors out there. It was a lovely idea to include spot prizes for all our wonderful volunteers, thank you one and all.

Our roll call of prize winners this time:

4:2 Fleet                                                           5:3 Fleet

1st    Sophie Rennie                                                                              1st   Scott Parker

2nd   Ollie Freemantle                                                                           2nd   Tamsyn Hills

3rd   Mark Ripley                                                                                   3rd   Holly Annels

4th   Zac Williams                                                                                  4th   Louis Siveyer

5th   Grace Killen                                                                                   5th   Toby Bloomfield

6th   Miles Ripley                                                                                   6th   Tristan Hills

4:2 Results can be found here 

5:3 Results can be found here

South West Traveller Series - Overall results can be found here

I'm afraid we have no action shots of the sailing as it was just too wet to get phones/cameras out but we do have a prize winners shot of all sailors that won Rooster place prizes and spot prizes.  Remember sailors that spot prizes can only be awarded if present, well done to all.



Nationals 2017

South West Volunteer day: Monday 7th August

Parents attending the Nationals - Could you please let Deborah Cochrane know if you are able to offer support on our 'duty' day, we need 19 people in total for the following roles:

Race Office / Tallying / Launch/Recovery 5.3 Fleet / Launch/Recovery 4.2 Fleet  / 5.3 Committee Boat / 5.3 Pin Boat  / 5.3 Finish boat / 4.2 Committee boat / Shore 1st Aid - (needs First Aid certificate not medical training).

Thank you


Loctudy Worlds 2017

WORLDS Volunteering: 
The South West are on Launch duty at the Worlds on Thursday 27th (jointly with South) please ask Deborah or Allison for details of how you can help.

SOUTH WEST WORLDS BBQ en masse... the plan is for all South Westies to gather on the first Saturday eve- say gather at 6pm? - at the Worlds to BBQ en masse - bring all your own BBQ kit/food etc





  • 1st Place  Tamsyn Hills  and 1st Girl           

  • 2nd Place Tristan Hills                                 

  • 3rd Place  Louis Siveyer                              

    4th Place and 2nd Girl Tilly Gregson

    5th Place Matty Cohen

    6th Place Edward Baker

Congratulations to our podium winners this weekend at the Cotswold Sailing Club 'Our dynamic duo siblings' Tamsyn and Tristan Hills in 1st and 2nd position and Louis Siveyer in 3rd position.

We welcomed two new sailors from the Royal Dart Yacht Club onto the traveller circuit, Verity Howle and Honour Jones, it's lovely to have you both on board, I hear you both had lots of fun 

Also congratulations goes to out to our 2nd 'Top Girl' Tilly Gregson who also scooped 4th position overall closely followed by Matty Cohen in 5th and Edward Baker in 6th. Well done to all our entrants and big thanks to Leonie and all her supporters at the Cotswold Sailing Club.

The weather was fantastic for the Parents and with light and changeable winds with a few wind shifts combined with an interesting figure of 8 course, it made an interesting days racing for the sailors.




Congratulations to all sailors that entered this weekends event.  It was a gusty one!  We had gusts of 24 knots and a constant of no less than 17 knots so some excellent sailing out there. Thanks go to the Royal Western Yacht Club for hosting the event and providing some lovely prizes. We were all treated to the latest technology this weekend with all boats being provided with GPS trackers, this not only gave a live feed for positions but also some excellent statistics.  For full results click 'results'

Prizes were awarded to the top overall winners in the 5:3 class as follows

1st Overall Milly Jinks
2nd Overall Oliver Fellows
3rd Overall Angus Fellows
4th Overall Tilly Gregson
5th Overall Emma James
6th Overall Louis Siveyer

Congratulations to Milly on an excellent win in the 5:3 fleet and to Miles Deverell who was 1st Overall in the 4:2 fleet

1st Overall 4:2 Miles Deverell
2nd Overall 4:2 Jess Cochrane
3rd Overall 4:2 Miles Ripley
4th Overall 4:2 Zac Williams

The event was part of the Plymouth Win or Swim Dinghy Regatta and provided the sailors with a range of competitors, junior and adult with various races including a pursuit race and handicap racing.


For live tracking of the South West Area Championships click GPS Tracking



South West Traveller 1 - Fowey, April 2017

What an amazing weekend our sailors had at the first South West Coaching session/Traveller hosted by Fowey Gallants sailing club.  The sunshine was out in full force which made viewing all the more enjoyable.

Congratulations go to Tamsyn Hills for First place; Milly Jinks in Second place; Angus Fellows in Third place and Tilly Gregson in Fourth place. Our Endeavour award was presented to new sailor Rory Shannon, well done Rory!

Results are available here

Photos kindly submitted by Robin Adams in my absence: For a full album of photos please see our South West Topper Facebook Page




Click here to see a slideshow

Click here to see the official CN Loctudy video

Click here to the the Webcam

Click here for the Cercle Nautique de Loctudy website

Topper Transitions

The National Series can see many final races from our Topper Sailors and once again this year at the Winter Nationals we say goodbye to some of our Topper Family members. A special mention must go to 'Team McElroy' who have been on the Topper circuit for many years offering help and assistance.  We wish Ben very best wishes with his progession into Spitfires and beyond.

Winter Nationals 2017

Well done to each and every one of our South West sailors that competed in the Winter Nationals this year - once again it was a blowy and cold one!

The marks didnt make it beyond the hangar on Saturday, always a sad sight to see. 

The delay saw an excellent spinnaker hoist competition with many eager competitors battling outside the hangar in the elements. Unfortunately Day 1 had an AP+2 followed by a full day cancellation.

Day 2 saw some eager and early arrivals with sailors rigged and ready by 8:00 am for a 9:00 start.  Excellent planning by the race committee saw 4 races for the 5:3's and 4:2's alike squeezed into a very small weather window.

Our South West sailors pulled in some great results in the extreme conditions.  Will was 2nd overall and tied on points with 1st place in the 5:3's.  Tamsyn Hills received the trophy for 1st Youth Girl.  We had fantastic results in the 4:2's with our Zone Squad sailors, Ben P won, Natalie was second (1st Girl) and Ben R was 4th overall.

2017 Winter National 4:2 results

2017 Winter Nationals 5:3 results


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