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Welcome to the web pages of the Southern Area.   We hope to be able to support you and your sailor in enjoying your time with the South Area Topper community who are enthuiastic, friendly and thriving.

Newcomers are always welcome and if you have any questions please either email us or grab any parent of a topper sailor, we are a friendly bunch, always happy to help.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to keep you informed of upcoming events and news, please contact Sonia Batty on the email address above.  

Membership of ITCA is not essential to be on the mailing list and sailors are allowed entry to 1 Open Training meeting before we ask that they join the class. After this time if sailors want to continue to enter events then membership is compulsory. Find out how to join ITCA here

The Southern Area is now being covered by 3 volunteers and responsibilties are divided as detailed below. Please feel free to email us if you need any help or information or if you just want to meet up at one of the events for a chat.

General Support - Sonia Batty

Sonia will provide support of a general nature, providing support to training and forwarding on emails that needs others to answer and respond to.

Training – Juliette Kemp

Juliette will be able to provide support primarily about training queries, levels competence etc.. Juliette will likely be the primary person liaising and co-coordinating with the clubs and the training support requirements in the lead upto the training events.

ITCA Liaison - Sonia & Jason Kirk

Sonia and Jason Kirk will act as the first point of contact with ITCA, they will provide support and information for ITCA and the Southern Area Regional Team and the liaison point for Traveller events.

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Happy Sailing,
ITCA Southern Area Team


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