Southern Area Racing

Despite Covid-19 we did manage to get a Rooster Southern Traveller series away this year.
Well done to this years winners
Rooster Autumn Traveller Series Winners

5.3 Series

1st Overall Immi Rees
2nd Overall Oscar Fry
3rd Overall Leo Yates

1st Boy Tim Czura
1st Girl Ffon Cerrato


1st Overall Thomas Peace
2nd Overall Greg Czura

1st Girl Jemima Fry
1st Boy Tate Kump
The 2021 Rooster series is being finalised and will be published by the end of the year.  The Traveller series will start again in March 2021.  Training, with the support of the RYA will run during the Winter.
General information
The Southern area organises two main types of event - Open Coaching and the Traveller series, which is a series of Open meetings during the year held at various clubs in the area.

The Traveller series typically attracts between 20 and 50 sailors at each event with standards varying from squad members to those just starting club racing. Smaller and less experienced sailors can use the 4.2 sail in these events – the emphasis is on enjoyment (though competition for the top places will will be hard fought!).

Traveller events are frequently preceded by an Open Training event, which gives an excellent opportunity to get to know the waters and meet some of the competitors in advance. Results for the Traveller series will be posted on the area pages as soon as possible after the event. 

Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions will be available on the ITCA Events Page and on the club websites at least 1 week before the events take place (many will be earlier).


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