Win free entry to the Topper Nationals 2021 in Ballyholme!

Last year Ryan won free entry to the Nationals with the motify above....could it be you this year?

How to Enter:
Motif drawn on A4 paper with your champ no written in the top right corner, then post a picture of your design on Facebook.
How will we decide a winner?
The number of likes your picture gets will give you a ranking, we will add this to the judges rankings and we have our WINNER.
How long have I got??
Competition closes 2359 on Friday 26/3/21
Any questions email: [email protected]
Good Luck!
We are pleased to launch two competitions in conjunction with the Virtual Dinghy Show 2021.

The first is a quiz to see how much you know about "the friendly class"
Answers emailed to the [email protected] with your full name and address - the winner will receive the Harken Dry Bag pictured above! #loveoursponsors #inittowinit

Q1. Who was the designer of the Topper?
Q2. Topper Sailboats offer support at National Events with the Topper Van, who carries out the repairs?
Q3. Where will the 2021 Worlds be held?
Q4. Name the Topper Class title sponsor.
Q5. What is the date of the first day of racing planned at the 2021 Nationals?
Q6. Name the 5.3 Head Coach. 

The second will run over the coming year with a chance to win a brand new Topper - full details can be seen below:


Title Sponsors

Partner Sponsors