Come and join in sailing a unique boat that is both exciting and rewarding to race or just sail for fun, and be a part of a great social scene.

Joining ITCA will ensure that you are kept up to date with details about lots of excitig class activities. You will also be able to enter any of the events and training organised by the class, many of which are organised exclusively for ITCA members. Join the Topper Tribe

Our membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August. For 2023/24, the cost of Standard Membership, including the first sailor, is only £40.00 per year and just £25.00 per year for each additional sailor within the direct family. (Group, Associate and Overseas Memberships are also available but should be discussed with the Class Secretary first.)




If you are new to the class please email the class secretary so that we can welcome you and allocate a championship number:
[email protected]

Alternatively, if you would like further information, please:


The Small Print

Our Constitution

The Membership and Management of ITCA are governed by its constitution.

Click here to download a copy of the ITCA (GBR) Constitution.

Standard Membership

This is the full membership package and is for one named helm. It entitles the named helm to enter all Class Association National Series, National Championships, other National events and local traveller series events and to take part in any open coaching organised by the class association. The helm will also be issued (on request) a Championship Number free of charge - this is required to compete in National events. All events and coaching are at additional cost.

Family Membership

Family Members being each of two or more people within a direct family (i.e. siblings or parent/guardian and their children) who own or sail an International Topper and who are normally resident at the same address;

Group Membership

Group Members being collectively the members of a school, youth or training organisation (including a bona-fide training division of a sailing club owning its own boats) using the organisation’s International Toppers.

Associate Membership

Associate Member being a person resident in the United Kingdom but not normally actively sailing a Topper

Overseas Associate Membership

Overseas Associate Member being a person of any nationality normally resident otherwise than in the United Kingdom.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Member being any person who does not fall into the above categories but who is elected or co-opted to serve on the National Committee

Championship number
To take part in most ITCA (GBR) organised events, all competitors require a Championship Number. This 3 digit number is unique to each sailor and must be applied to the sail (in addition to the sail number) as explained in the class rules.

A Championship Number will be allocated to each sailor free of charge upon joining ITCA (GBR) and it remains with the sailor for as long as they continue to pay membership fees. If you change boats, you keep the same Championship Number. Should a member wish to change to a different Championship Number, an administration fee of £25 will be applied. You will need to purchase the digital 8 number (typically white) and these can normally be purchased from local or one line chandleries . Once a sailor decides to leave the class, then if the membership is not renewed the Championship Number reverts back to ITCA (GBR) and is re-allocated to a new sailor - as such, to retain a Championship Number it is important to renew the annual membership promptly. To request a Championship Numbers send an e-mail to our secretary also stating your Membership number.


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