The following reports are presented in advance of the virtual AGM 16th August 2022 at 1930:


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AGM Minutes 2022



Agenda for the International Topper Class Association (Great Britain) (ITCA GBR) Tuesday 16 August 19:30hrs

All reports will be available in advance of the meeting on the website:

1. The annual report of the Chairman of the National Committee Martin Cooper
2. Election of Honorary Members
3. Treasurers Report Tom Ellis
4. The appointment of an accountant Tom Ellis
5. The election of Individual Members, non members (who then become honorary members), honorary, Honorary Life Members or representatives of Family or Group Members to serve on the Committee until the next Annual ITCA (GBR) Constitution (Amended June 2016) Page 6 General Meeting unless before that they resign or cease to be a member of the Association;
o Martin Cooper
6. Any proposal of the National Committee or of the International Committee
a. Proposed changes to membership categories (Stakeholder membership)
b. Proposed changes to the way we award prizes at the Nationals and National Series
7. Any proposal by a member notified to the Secretary not less than 56 days before the meeting.
a. Proposed changes to cost of membership
b. Proposed changes to cost of membership – Constitutional amendments
8. Boat Builders report Russ Dent

ITEM 2 Election of Honorary Life Members

o Sally Dugdale
o Vanessa Ripley
o Mathew Desorgher
o Steve Chandler
o Two RYA representatives (Paul Wren and Helena Lucas)


ITEM 5 List of officers standing for election


List of officers standing for election


Sam Norton

Vice Chair Racing

Sally Dugdale

Vice Chair Training

Vanessa (Ness) Ripley


Ricky O'Kane

Fixtures Secretary

Matthew Desorgher

Event Safety Officer and Rib Master

Steve Chandler

Child Welfare Officer

Ruth Attridge

Marketing and Social Media

Dave Rowe

Class Measurer

 Steve Smith

Designers Representative

Roger Procter

Principal Area Representative

Ali Wood

South East

Oli Yates

South West

Sean Semmens


Anna Clark & Mike Wemyss


Mike & Donna Powell


Ali Wood & Mark Harris


Roger Cerrato & Russell Peace


Gavin Homer


Sara Powell


Martin Cooper (retiring chair)

*A Commodore shall be ex-officio a member of the National Committee without voting rights but shall not hold any other Association office.

We have 2 paid roles which have a place on the committee



Kathryn Deaton

Events Manager

Tracey Francis

ITEM 6a Proposed changes to membership categories

When the constitution was originally written it included the following categories of membership, we are proposing the inclusion of a stakeholder membership similar to that adopted by the 29er class, to ensure ongoing adult / parent involvement.

3.1 There shall be the following categories of member:
a. Honorary Life Member being a person nominated by the Committee for a significant contribution to the Topper Class and elected by the Association at a General Meeting;
b. Individual Member being a person who owns or sails an International Topper;
c. Family Member being each of two or more people within a direct family (i.e. siblings or parent/guardian and their children) who own or sail an International Topper and who are normally resident at the same address;
d. Group Member being collectively the members of a school, youth or training organisation (including a bona-fide training division of a sailing club owning its own boats) using the organisation’s International Toppers;
e. Associate Member being a person resident in the United Kingdom but not normally actively sailing a Topper;
f. Overseas Associate Member being a person of any nationality normally resident otherwise than in the United Kingdom; and
g. Honorary Member being any person who does not fall into the above categories but who is elected or co-opted to serve on the National Committee.

h. A Stakeholder Member - defined as an individual who is a parent or guardian of either an Individual Full Member or a Family Full Member. There shall only be one Stakeholder Member per Individual Full Member, and one Stakeholder Member within a Family Membership.

ITEM 6b Proposed changes to the way we award prizes at the Nationals and National Series

We currently award prizes to the top three sailors at these events and then to the top boys and girls outside of the top three. This was an RYA initiative a few years ago to encourage more girls to take part. We think that it is time to check back in with our sailors to decide if you would like to continue with this or to revert back to the old system, which awarded prizes to the top sailors irrespective of gender (For example this may be the top 10 sailors), a consideration in this respect is where sailors do not identify as either gender.

The proposal is that we revert back to the original method of awarding prizes

ITEM 7a Proposed changes to cost of membership

(Item 7a and 7b to be voted on together as it is not possible to approve one without the other)

Proposer: Michael Powell (Area-Rep Midlands)
Seconder: Sean Semmens (Events Co-ordinator - South West)

For new members only, If a new member joins ITCA (GBR), during the period of June, July or August, then the membership fee will be 50% of the annual fee.
Previously existing members who are renewing at anytime during the year will require renewal at the full annual membership fee.

ITEM 7b Proposed changes to cost of membership – Constitutional amendments
The following constitutional amendments will be required if ITEM 7 is approved.

Amended as follows
3.2 Each member shall pay the appropriate annual subscription and, on payment of the annual subscription, shall be entitled:
3.4 The Membership Year shall run for 12 months from 1st September to 31st August each year and anyone joining midyear will be expected to pay the full year’s subscription.
8.3 The annual subscription rate shall be determined by the National Committee who may determine different rates for different categories of membership and for different types of organisation.




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