Class Rules

The International Topper is a strict One-Design single-handed dinghy designed in 1977 by Ian Proctor to promote racing in a simple, low cost boat suitable for all ages and skill levels.

The fundamental objective of the Class Rules is to protect the One Design nature by ensuring that International Toppers are as alike as possible so that racing success shall depend only on the skill of the helm and not be a test of the boat or its equipment. The rules apply to 6.4 sq.m, 5.3 sq.m and 4.2 sq.m Toppers

The Class Rules are managed by the International Topper Class Association (ITCA) and these are available from the World Sailing website.

 Topper 6.4 sail numbering & national letters position rules  - April 2021

Information specific to competing in ITCA (GBR) events

ITCA (GBR) organises a number of Topper National Events and Topper National Series. You can find details of these in the calendar on this website.

ITCA (GBR) Championship Numbers

All competitors in national and international events must be current members of ITCA (GBR) and must carry a Championship Number on their sail. Championship numbers are issued to current ITCA (GBR) members by the Class Secretary. A description of where to apply Championship Numbers, Sail Numbers, and the GBR national code, can be found in the Class Rules that are available from the World Sailing website.

Information specific to competing in ITCA (GBR) Area Traveller Series

In additional to national events, ITCA (GBR) has divided its geography into nine Areas. Each hosts an Area Traveller Series. Details of these events are published in the specific Area Pages on this website. Each event in the series is run by a host club as a club Open Event with the club setting the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Only sail numbers are required for these events, so sailors are not required to display Championship Numbers. Non-members of ITCA (GBR) can compete in their home club event, but sailors must be current members of ITCA (GBR) to have their event position recorded for any other event in the Area Traveller Series. Different Areas may have a differing number of events making up their Area Traveller Series. Results from the events in each Area are collated into an Traveller Series for each Area according to the following scoring system. The resulting ranking is the basis for any Area Traveller Series prizes:

  • The Area Traveller Series will be governed by the Rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024.
  • The low points scoring system of Appendix A will apply.
  • An event will be deemed to have been “Sailed” when one or more starts have taken place.
  • The number of events to count shall be one plus half the number of events “Sailed”, rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • A DNC shall be scored as one more than the largest entry of all traveller series events.

Sponsorship Rules

ITCA (GBR) is fortunate to have secured substantial sponsorship for the class. Sailors are encouraged to support our sponsors by following guidelines for the placement of sponsors logos on boats and sails, especially at national events. Sponsorship and boat advertising rules can be found in the Class Rules that are available from the World Sailing website.

Title Sponsors

Partner Sponsors