Code of Conduct

As a Class we want everyone to enjoy their sailing in a safe and pleasant environment where everyone is treated with respect and understanding. The Class has a simple "Code of Conduct" which is set out below and is also available to view on the Official Notice Board at National Series events and which we feel sure all members and their families will adhere to.

ITCA Class Association Code of Conduct

It is the policy of ITCA that all participants, coaches, instructors, officials, parents and volunteers show respect and understanding for each other, treat everyone equally within the context of the sport and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the class.  The aim is for all participants to enjoy their sport and to improve performance.

Abusive language, swearing, intimidation, aggressive behaviour or lack of respect for others and their property will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action. 

Covid 19 Considerations

  • By taking part in any the training covered by this notice, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible for complying with any regulations and RYA guidance in force from time to time in respect of COVID-19 and for complying with the [venue/OA/sailing club] COVID-19 procedures. Competitors and support persons shall comply with any reasonable request from an official. Failure to comply may be misconduct.
  • Club may cancel the event at short notice, as a result of Government action or to comply with the latest regulations or local lockdown. The Club or the class associations will not accept any responsibility for any costs incurred by competitors, friends, families or support teams making arrangements to attend the training.
  • The overriding principle remains that individuals attending the host Club to sail do so entirely at their own risk and responsibility. Visitors and members are required to keep current government guidance on social distancing in mind while attending training. In particular if assisting other members to launch or recover boats using the slipway, please keep a safe distance from each other. Sailors should arrive at the venue changed for sailing. It is unlikely that changing rooms will be open. You may are required to sign into the venue. Social distancing applies at all times. Where, 2m or 1m plus distancing is not practicable face coverings are recommended within buildings.
  • Sailors and their parent or guardian shall be deemed to have considered their own risk from COVID-19. If any sailor and or their household consider themselves an ‘at risk’ person or persons as detailed by Government guidelines then they must not participate.
  • Competitors and members of their household showing symptoms or believe that they have been exposed to COVID-19 prior to the commencement of the event should not attend and a refund as detailed in 3.5.1 will be made.
  • Competitors must accept that although the Class Association and host will endeavour to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 this cannot be removed.



  • Listen to and accept what you are asked to do to improve your performance, keep you safe and ensure the smooth running of an event
  • Respect other participants, coaches, instructors, officials and volunteers
  • Abide by the rules and play fairly
  • Do your best at all times
  • Never bully others either in person, by phone, by text or online
  • Take care of all property belonging to other participants, the class or its members



  • Support your child’s involvement and help them enjoy their sport
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results
  • Never force your child to take part in sport
  • Never punish or belittle a child (your own or another child) for losing or making mistakes
  • Encourage and guide your child to accept responsibility for their own conduct and performance
  • Respect and support participants, coaches, instructors, officials and volunteers
  • Accept officials’ judgements and recognise good performance by all participants
  • Use established procedures where there is a genuine concern or dispute
  • Inform the club or event organisers of relevant medical information
  • Ensure that your child wears suitable clothing and has appropriate food and drink
  • Provide contact details and be available when required
  • Take responsibility for your child’s safety and conduct in and around the event venue


Coaches, Instructors, Officials and Volunteers

  • Consider the welfare and safety of participants before the development of performance
  • Encourage participants to value their performance and not just results
  • Promote fair play and never condone cheating
  • Ensure that all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part
  • Build relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Work in an open environment
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact with young people
  • Be an excellent role model and display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke when working directly with young people
  • Communicate clearly with parents and participants
  • Be aware of any relevant medical information
  • Follow RYA and class guidelines and policies
  • Holders of RYA Instructor and Coach qualifications must also comply with the RYA Code of Conduct
  • Holders of RYA Race Official appointments must also comply with the RYA Race Officials Code of Conduct.


If you are concerned that someone is not following the Code of Conduct, you should inform one of the following:

  • ITCA Class Secretary
  • ITCA Chairman
  • ITCA Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer

You can contact any of these people via our contact page.


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