The Topper is an RYA recognised class, and for the keen racers, there are a range of opportunities for sailors to gain extra training and support as part of a Topper squad. Some are run by the RYA and others by ITCA (GBR). 

Squads train at an number of weekend and/or half term squad camps. These are typically scheduled from the October immediately following selection, through to the following May. Zone squads are administered by the RYA. The national squads are administered by the Class Squad Administrator, whose contact details can be found in the website contact pages, if you have any questions or need guidance.

Applications for 2019/20 Topper squads are now closed 

The structure and selection process for Topper Squads is described in the Notice of Selection, which will be published on the RYA website in Spring 2020. Click here to visit the Junior Selection pages on the RYA Website.

For planning purposes, dates of the 2019/20 Topper National Squad training camps are provided below. This training is for squad members only.

squad camp number Date Training Group Proposed venue
1 26-29 October 2109 RYA T1 WPNSA
1 26-29 October 2109 RYA T2 WPNSA
1 26-29 October 2109 RYA T3 WPNSA
1 16-17 November 2019 ITCA 5.3 Draycote
2 16-17 November 2019 T1 Paignton
1 23-24 November 2019 ITCA4.2 WPNSA
2 23-24 November 2019 T2 & T3 Northampton
2 14-15 December 2019 ITCA 5.3 WPNSA
2 11 - 12 January 2020 ITCA 4.2 Draycote
3 18-19 January 2020 RYA Boys Rutland
3 18-19 January 2020 ITCA5.3 Northampton
3 25-26 January 2020 RYA Girls Rutland
4 8-9 Feb 2020 ITCA 5.3 Northampton
3 15 -16 February 2020 ITCA 4.2 Rutland
4 15 -16 February 2020 T1 & T2 Draycote
4 15 -16 February 2020 T3 HISC
5 7-8 March 2020 ITCA5.3 Datchet
5 14-15 March 2020 T1 & T3 Datchet
4 14-15 March 2020 ITCA 4.2 Paignton
5 21-22 March 2020 T2 HISC
6 25-26 April 2020 RYA Boys, RYA Girls, Plas Heli
6 25-26 April 2020  ITCA 5.3 Plas Heli
5 16-17 May 2020 ITCA 4.2 TBC
7 29-31 May 2020 ALL RYA Mountbatten


A general overview of the squads is provided below.


RYA Squads

Full and up to date details of the RYA squads can be found by clicking this link to RYA Squads page on the RYA website.

A summary of the relevant squads is provided below:

Zone/Home Country Squads

  • 6 English Zones plus 3 Home Countries (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).
  • Squad sizes vary according to number of applicants.
  • Each area has its own indicator events in September (usually Zone Championships, one specified open training day and one specified Traveller Series Racing event). Details of the qualifier events in your Zone can be found on the rya website
  • Age limit applies. You need to be under 14 (i.e 13 or under) on 31st December in the year of selection.
  • These squads are administered by the RYA
  • Applications via the RYA web site but more information on selection events via your ITCA area team.

National Junior Squads

  • There are National Junior Boys and National Junior Girls squads
  • Sailors will train in mixed gender training groups.
  • Selection largely based on sailor’s overall ranking at the end of the selector events listed in the calendar.
  • Age limit under 15 (i.e 14 or under) on December 31st in year of selection.
  • Discretionary places can be available, including places for slightly older sailors, as detailed in the notice of selection
  • Squad size -  up to 24 sailors in each squad .
  • Applications via RYA web site. Click here for the Notice of Selection


ITCA (GBR) Squads

ITCA GBR National 5.3 Squad

  • This mixed squad is run by ITCA and is aimed mainly at those sailors who are not eligible for the RYA squads.
  • Age limits 14 or over and under 19 on 31st December in year of selection
  • Squad size varies dependant on number of applicants
  • Selection criteria as per RYA squads using the overall ranking from selector events and applications via the same on line system on RYA web site.
  • Click here for the Notice of Selection

ITCA GBR National 4.2 Squad

  • This mixed squad is run by ITCA and is aimed at smaller sailors who are not yet confident sailing with a 5.3 rig in strong winds.
  • As a guideline, sailors shall normally be aged over 10 and under 14, and between 33-45 kg, on the 31st December in the year of selection
  • Squad size dependent on number of suitable applicants
  • Applications via on line RYA system. Click here for the Notice of Selection
  • You can be in a Zone Squad and 4.2 Squad in the same year.

Please contact the squad administrator for more information


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