6:1 Kicker Update

Friday 28 September, 2018

Topper International have developed the new 6:1 kicker adaption for use with existing 3:1 kickers, or can supply a new 6:1 kicker complete (6:1 kicker).

The objective of the 6:1 arrangement is to make it easier for smaller/less strong sailors to apply and release kicker tension when sailing. This will mitigate against various problems these sailors and rescue crews were experiencing on the water.

There is a process that needs to be completed with World Sailing to include the change into the class rules for racing. Following inclusion in the rules, the 6:1 kicker would then be available for use at competitive events.

Currently the 6:1 kicker cannot be used for racing, as it is not class legal.

ITCA World are clarifying the process and timescales to include the 6:1 kicker in the rules.

In the interim, the 6:1 kicker can be used for training by sailors.

We will keep you informed of updates as soon as they become available.

Any questions, please click here to contact me directly.


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